Escort Paris

Address: Porto

Phone: +351915062788

Age: 24 ans


Description - Francisca Escort Paris

I was blessed with an elegant figure and ravishing memorable looks.

My skin that feels is softer than silk, my naturall lips are soft and plump and have been

compared a lot of times to Angelinas Jolie's,

my eyes are big, expressive and green, my hair is long shiny with the same colour of

chocolate -and I can tell you, these are only a few of the nature's gifts, wich I was

gifted, I have so much more to show

As it is knowned Visual is a pleasure, and first impressions are important.

But visual isn't everything, and I don't only have the looks...

I am also very educated, with my own opinions, I have special interest in arts,

I'm curios about everything interesting and I love to travell.