Escort Paris

Address: Basel

Phone: +41796151211

Age: 35 ans


Description - Amalievonstein Escort Paris

Amalie von Stein – Passionate Dominatrix

From now on you will be in the hands of a well-experienced dominatrix.
You can trust me, let go of yourself and dive into the role of your deepest fantasies and desires.

Look deep into my eyes and get caught in my web.

As a dominatrix I have lots of preferences.
What I enjoy most?
I like it when the air in the room is getting electrified, when the heat is spreading slowly and the roof is set on fire.
Time and space will disappear behind a veil of ecstasy. Have you ever experienced such a moment?

Our time together will be unique.
A experience so incredible and unforgettable.

Amalie von Stein – Date me!